W.G.A. Level 3

A Level 3 wilderness guide

is able to train level 1 & 2 guides and is involved in the certification of association members. A Level 3 Guide should have at least 4 specializations and training according to the eco-region of his/her expertise. The specialization could be instructor/trainer/teacher level in activity/skills recognized and certified by the approved third parties. Teach and qualify lower level guide/instructor certifications.

A Guide can apply for Level 3 certification after:

  • A total of >100 days guiding experience*
  • A minimum of 4 specialization
  • A minimum experience of one expedition of 21 days
  • The guide must have a valid WFA certificate

*Level 3: 100 days of any documented and suitable guiding experience with references either from the employer/supervisor or from the clients assessed  by at least two Level 3 WGA guides of that ecoregion OR someone with comparable experience and skills, in case the supervisor is not a Level 3 WGA guide an adequate information about the supervisor must be included.

* Transferable skills: As Level 2 and Level 3 certifications are ecoregion specific, it is possible to substitute 25 % of the experience required for each level by experience from different ecoregion but with comparable conditions and requirements. This will be assesed individually case-by-case.