Become a wilderness guide

I want to get trained and qualified according to the WGA standards

How can I get trained as a WGA guide?

  1. Find the WGA approved Training Institutes according to the WGA Level you want to achieve
  2. Find the Ecoregion and/or Specialization’s you are interested in
  3. Contact the WGA approved Training Institute and send your request
  4. The WGA approved Training Institute will evaluate your application and recommend you the courses of your conveniences

I am a Professional Wilderness Guide and want to become a WGA member

How can I become a WGA member?

  1. Please read the Application Process Guidelines in order to understand the process and to make sure you fill in the form correctly to minimise delays.
  2. Fill in the online WGA assessment form below.
  3. The information will be evaluated. Once accepted you will receive the confirmation.
  4. Transfer the amount of the according quote.
  5. We create your online WGA profile according to Level and Ecoregion.