W.G.A. Level 1

Competence/ qualification:

A Level 1 – guide knows about his/her limitations and possibilities as level 1 guide and his/her responsibilities towards nature and customers. He or she can make risk assessments, safety plans and provide solutions for problems for a variety of basic activities in different environments and can guide a group in all in semi remote areas. All activities are organized within the capabilities, experience and specialized training of each guide.

Level 1 Guide should be trained in:

  • Risk & emergency management
  • Leadership
  • Survival & Bushcraft
  • Navigation
  • Flora & fauna / Ecology
  • Culture & Conservation
  • Wilderness Camping
  • (Wilderness) First Aid
  • Hiking & backpacking
  • Rules and regulations
  • Equipment
  • Meteorology

A guide can apply for Level 1 certification after:

  • A minimum of 28 training days
  • A minimum of 28 days of (assistant) guiding under supervision of an approved organization (with overnight experience)*
  • A minimum of 1 specialization
  • The guide must have a valid WFA certificate

*1) Level 1: 28 days of any documented and suitable guiding experience with references either from the employer/supervisor or from the clients, supervised and signed off by a Level 2 or 3 WGA guide or another experienced guide from a suitable organization or association. At least 14 days should be under direct supervision.