W.G.A. Level 2

A W.G.A. level 2 wilderness guide..

has become a proven expert in one or more eco-regions as defined by the W.G.A.

A level 2 guide has found his/her field of interest and is committed to promote and guide environmentally responsible activities/expeditions in areas that can be challenging. Guided activities demand very thorough planning and special skills and knowledge also about the chosen environment and the local culture.

A level 2 guide knows his/her market value well and might run an own business, employing other guides and promoting the wilderness guide association’s certifications and standards.

A guide can apply for Level 2 certification after:

  • A minimum of 28 days of training (level 2 course)
  • A minimum of 28 days of extra guiding within Level 2 competences (with at least one week non-stop with overnight experience)*
  • A minimum of 3 specializations
  • The guide must have a valid WFA certificate

*Level 2: 28 days of documented and suitable guiding experience under the direct supervision of a level 3 specialist in the ecoregion OR someone with comparable experience and skills, in case the supervisor is not a Level 3 WGA guide an adequate information about the supervisor must be included.